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The obstacle course! March 31, 2010

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Recently Poppy and Mommy bought us a special ramp designed to help dogs get in and out of cars. Teddy and I have a hard time jumping into the CR-V, and Mom and Poppy were worried we were going to hurt ourselves, because we hate being air lifted out each time we go for a ride.

Phoebe and I love having the ramp. Not only has it made car rides much less stressful for us, but we have also started to have Mom and Poppy set up obstacle courses in the backyard with it. Poppy brought out the tunnel and set it up so that we can run up the ramp onto the plastic picnic table out back (that is about three feet off the ground) run across the plastic table, run down a ramp Poppy built with some sanded lumber, and then run straight through the tunnel! I started doing it the minute it was complete, but Teddy acted nonchalant and pretended to be not interested. Then, as soon as Mom and Poppy went inside, he ran straight up the ramp and laid down on the picnic table to take a nap. Mom saw him from the upstairs window in Lucy’s room, and as soon as he heard her laughing, he got down. But from then on he didn’t try to hide his desire to run up and down the ramp. He and I spent the next playing on it with mom and Poppy. Teddy is a natural at the ramp, but he takes his sweet time coming out of the tunnel! I have to bark at him to hurry up!

Our other favorite game with the tunnel is during our chase sessions, Teddy will run into the tunnel and I have to try and figure out which way he will come out. He likes to trick me! He stays in there for a minute trying to confuse me, and I run back and forth between the two ends waiting to pounce!

Anyway, here are some pictures of us playing with Mom supervision!

Don’t you wish you had a ramp-tunnel obstacle course?!

We are off to play some more!

Much love,

Teddy and Phoebe


Spring Fashion Show

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Hi guys! Teddy Henry and Phoebe here!

We are very excited to show off our new spring collars! Just in time…okay maybe just a little late-for fashion week!

On the lovely Phoebe we have a lovely bright green accessory adorned with pink and white daisies. I think it has a very cool vintage 60’s-70’s feel to it. Retro floral patterns are going to be very big this season! Especially in the canine crowd.

Modeled on the handsome Teddy Henry we have a more masculine spring collar. Blue with yellow and black cartoon dogs chasing each other accentuated with a festive orange zigzag trim. (Teddy Henry would like to interject here that it wasn’t his idea to do a fashion shoot and he doesn’t want anyone to think he is a sissy or a vapid pretty boy…though he is very pretty.) Cartoon collars are a great why for boy dogs to be expressive without feeling emasculated.

We would like to point out that once again it is us corgi’s who set the trends for the fashion world. Heidi Klum wishes she had our style! And Ralph Lauren doesn’t make a move without consulting Ted the Man. Okay that last part is made up, but corgi’s are definitely the most fashion forward pups around, mainly because we are already so damn cute even without fun accessories.


February 11, 2010

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Back in August, Polly, along with momma dog Pippin, uncle dog Merlin, sister dog Lucy and brother dog Finn had some of Pippin and PJ’s pups over for a cook-out. Me, Java, and Duffy were able to be there and it was sooooo much fun to see them all again!I was sad that my halfsie-faced brother and my other sister Frost couldn’t be there, but I bragged to the others that I got to see Frost when we went to get Teddy.  Momma dog Pippin scolded me for being kinda chubby, but I decided to buddy up to Duffy’s owner and he let me sit on his lap for awhile. Finn became very fond of Mom and sat on her lap for a while (until she made him move so she could eat!)

Anyway, sorry it took so long to get the pictures up from the party, Katie tells me she just figured out how to upload photos from her phone to the computer. I shall punish her for her delay by hiding all the towels from the bathroom.

Anyway, Teddy is telling me it’s time for bed!

Much love,


Everyone on Mom!


Phoebe: the Corgi who could drive

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Beep Beep! Clear the road for Phoebe!

When Phoebe is in the car, she has to be kept in the back by putting up a cushion. Otherwise she plows her way to the front and demands to sit on the drivers lap. Poppy will allow this, as he is tall enough to see over her ears, but Mom and I cannot. Once when she did this on the way back from the grocery store, I was able to see around her head, so I let her stay (plus the grocery store is three minutes by car from the house) but I could read the lips of the people in the cars on the other side of the road. Clearly they could not see me behind the ears, and I could make out more than two people saying “is that a dog driving?” Anyway, I snapped these pictures of Phoebe in the drivers seat with my camera phone awhile back, but only just figured out how to put them online.

Phoebe apparently pulled one of her hop-to-the drivers-seat moves on the way to the Grand Canyon with Poppy, Mom, Lucy and Stephen and Stephen’s cousin – the latter of whom stated he was uncomfortable with her driving. To which Poppy promptly replied, “Why? She hasn’t had an accident in three days!”… I don’t think Stephen’s cousin found that very amusing. Annother time over the summer, Cortie and I were Geocaching, and Phoebe was along for the ride. When we got to the site, and were looking for the goods, Phoebe (after two minutes) grew impatient and clambered into the drivers seat. While we were digging we heard two honks come from Cortie’s car and saw Phoebe behind the wheel with her paw on the horn (I don’t think she knew it was her honking, really) but it sure looked liked like she was thinking “Come on guys! Hurry up!”

Teddy decided after awhile that if Phoebe was going to drive. He should get shotgun, because he soon began to follow her up from the backseat! They have since stopped trying to get in the front, thanks to Mom and I being diligent about them staying in the back (the cushion block helps too.) But it sure is cute when Phoebe takes the wheel!

Phoebe on the road

Want to race, Subaru?

With these ears, I am the safest, most alert driver on the road.


Christmas with the Corgis February 1, 2010

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Hi there, Ted the Man and Phoebe girl here!

It has been a long time since the “paparazzi” (i.e. Katie, Mommy and Poppy) have updated our blog and let our adoring fans know what we have been up too! In all the buzz of the holidays, it kept getting postponed, but we are back now!

Christmas was sooo much fun! Katie came home from NY for a month, and Lucy came to visit from Flagstaff for a week! We ate good food, and played games and watch all three seasons of “Arrested Development.” The only thing that Teddy didn’t like was having to share his la-Z-boy chair with the lambskin cover with Katie and Lucy. He called dibs, but they never listened…the barbarians…seriously, who doesn’t respect dibs?!? Anyway, as soon as they left he quickly jumped back into his chair to re-establish the Teddy indent he had worked so hard to make and that Katie and Lucy messed up. All that lounging wasted…ah well, he’ll just have to start making it again….

Teddy and I liked having Katie home all the time to take us on walks and play with us. Every morning she would get up when Mom and Dad left at 6, and move to the couch, and Teddy and I would jump up and lay on top of her and we would all nap and do cross-word puzzles till noon…ah, such fun.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the holidays! Hope everyone else had a great holiday season too!

Lots of Love,

Phoebe and Teddy

Teddy and Phoebe at McGuckins hardware

Phoebe and Teddy at McGuckins

Teddy, Phoebe and Mom by the Christmas display at McGuckins


The Corgis Go To The Grand Canyon November 29, 2009

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Lucy and Mom

The Corgis at the Grand Canyon

Teddy and Phoebe claim the canyon as their own

Lucy and Stephen

Lucy and Poppy

Phoebe on the way home

Hi Guys! Teddy Henry and Phoebe here!

For Thanksgiving, we all (Poppy, Mom and us) went down to see Lucy and Stephen in Flagstaff, Arizona. We had lots of fun and lots of Turkey! We got lots of attention, I mean, why wouldn’t we? Teddy was a little sheepish and embarassed by all the loving, but I ate it up! On Friday, we went to the Grand Canyon. I decided that the canyon should be renamed Corgi Canyon. I tried to get Teddy to scratch out the word “grand” on the sign, and rewrite “corgi” (since he is a better speller than me, and has clearer paw writing) . But he told me that would be vandalism to a national park. I say, “blah blah blah phoebe!” We are now home, Teddy was very excited to be back in his den. He raced up to the front door as soon as we got back. I liked the road trip, although Poppy had to hold me the whole way back, because I whined if I wasn’t in his lap.

Anyway, we hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Phoebe ad Teddy Henry


In Memoriam November 27, 2009

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Our beloved cat Toonces passed away this last Monday,  November the 23rd 2009, at the age of 14 1/2. (75 in human years.)

14 and a half years ago, three barn cats living on the same farm each had their litter of kittens the same night. A total of 16 kittens were born. The kittens all got mixed together and, subsequently, each mother took turns nursing different kittens. It was never clear what kitten belonged to what mother cat.

We were family friends of the owners of the farm and Lucy was in the same class as their daughter. We went to visit the kittens and Lucy and I were each allowed to pick one. Lucy went back and forth between a few different kittens. But I knew what kitten I wanted. Toonces. She was the only short hair gray and white tabby of the bunch, with hints of beautiful peach fur. Many people wanted her, her unique coat and chatty demeanor endeared her to everyone. But I picked her first. The next day, when we  went to pick up the kittens, the owners of the farm told us that Toonces hadn’t been seen all morning. It seemed she had gotten lost. I refused to pick another kitten and instead searched all day for Toonce. Just when all seemed lost, the owners of the farm’s son, found Toonces asleep behind a hay bale in the barn! That night, Toonces came home with me, and Myrtle, a long haired calico, came home with Lucy.

We called Toonces Jinx originally, but changed the name because she didn’t seem to like it very much. I taught her to give high fives with her nose, every time I said “pudgie” she’d sit on her hind feet and bunt her nose against my flat palm. She loved to chase flashlight beams, lasers, and the rainbow reflections cast by prisms. When she was happy, and would rub her nose against my face and hands and start to drool. She would yodel and meow loudly when she felt she wasn’t getting enough attention. She would crawl behind the piano and tv, get stuck and then yowl for rescue. She liked cantip that came shaped as cigars, turkey and tuna. She ate dinner on the dinning room table, and slept on my bed every night. She would get the crazies and run around the house, then sit for hours on the window ledge. She didn’t care if the curtains were drawn, she loved watching the shadows of the squirrels as the raced back and forth. She would cackle at the birds that ate from the feeder out front. And she would chase away the neighbors cat when she came over to use our lawn as a litter box.

Although they were sisters, Toonces and Myrtle were very different. They didn’t get along very well, Myrtle was most fond of our dachshund, Brock, who was elderly at the time we got the cats. Toonces was fondest of Henry, whom we got a year after getting her and Myrtle. Myrtle got sick and passed away when she was ten. From then on it was just Toonces and Henry. When Henry passed away in the summer of 2008, the house became Toonces’.

We adopted Phoebe in late December of 2008. Toonces, for her part wasn’t crazy of the young pup, but Phoebe caught on that Toonce was queen of the house, So Toonces didn’t fuss for long about Phoebe coming into her home. Toonces was very fond of Teddy, I think because of  his gentle demeanor and the fact he was scared of her.

Throughout the years, Toonces was my best friend and constant companion. She would sit by her food bowl and yowl at me to pick her up. If we left the windows down on the car, she would climb inside and sleep on the drivers seat, leaving behind paw prints all over the windshield. She had the softest fur in the world; smooth and silky and radiant in all lights, it always made me think of the coat of a seal. She had beautiful green eyes, lined with white fur.  On her back and tail, she had tiger stripes, and on her peaches and cream belly, she had beautiful leopard spots. She had a perfect little white diamond shaped spot of fur on her chest. She was and always will be the most beautiful cat in the world. There was nothing more dear to me then that little gray kitty and I will never forget her, and no other creature will ever take her place in my heart. She was and always will be, my Baby Toonces. The Pudge.

Toonces, I love you and always will.